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Weekly Product Peer-Mentoring. The hands-on network to turn into product leaders
Practical learning. They participate in interactive sessions with hands-on product topics they face to come up with learnings and specific action points to apply in your organisation immediately.
Increased productivity. According to Harvard Business Review, employees who go out of the office every now and then to attend events are more productive. Participating is easy as the sessions happen remotely during lunch time.
Continuous. They have a weekly slot available to challenge themselves and progress over time instead of a one-time event. We try to match them to a pal to stay in contact in-between sessions, too.
Knowledge.Your employees will learn product management from the best product managers. They acquire new skills and professional growth.
Retention.You will retain more employees over time. Employees value development opportunities. Personal goals and priorities influence everything about an employee’s performance, including their decision to stay and grow with you overtime.
Team building. Give all product managers / product owners the chance to participate and help to build your team, providing a forum for team members to discuss tools, technologies, and processes and how they might be applied to improve products, workflow, and processes.
Helps in recruiting. If your company encourages and offers employees the opportunity to participate in mentoring, make sure to display these in your employment branding, (career site, social media pages).
Networking. Your employees will meet peers from other companies, making it easier to find solutions to problems. There’s an incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging that can happen.
No worries
Safe space. What gets discussed at Product Peers stays there. Our product peers reflect their topics in 1:1 or groups of 3 peers. We need a safe environment so we keep it a confidential and safe space to nail their challenges. 
No leaks. Our peers decide themselves who to talk with and what to share, they can decide to keep information or even leave a break out room at any time. As peers present themselves at the beginning of the sessions it becomes obvious who works for whom.
No headhunters. We never accept recruiters to make sure we stay independent from commissions of headhunting. Even when a peer struggles in your company reducing their autonomy is counterproductive. Instead it is better to support them to find solutions on their own which pays into a better retention.
Flexible. No obligation to participate. Join whenever it suits you well. Cancel subscription at any time. 30-days refund policy. Discounts for yearly plans and groups.
Still uncertain? Let´s have a short call or subscribe to 3 sessions for free at the end of the page.

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