What will you get?

  • Bring your issue and leave with learnings and hands-on action points you develop with other product managers
  • Join inspiring discussions and learn from the experiences of your peer
  • Average session NPS is 8.6/10 (based on +80 answers)

Solutions and Learnings

  • Your manager might always be busy but we are here for you
  • Work continuously on your specific issues 
  • Get inspired by the best practices and failures of your peers
  • Challenge opinions and thoughts with various skills, experiences and knowledge of your peers 
  • Hands-on solutions for you to execute 
  • Most sessions require no preparation but your active participation 


    • Easy to access to improve your work skills and career
    • Connect deeper over a longer time and turn a peer into your pal
    • Learn about topics that might lay ahead of you by working on issues of your peers 
    • Share whatever you want and your learnings with your peers
    • Chat with your peers and pals on a dedicated slack workspace at any time (not included in free trial)


    • Stop annoying family and friends with your work issues ... again and again
    • Get endorsed by your peers and feel stronger to overcome resistance at work
    • Fight your imposter syndrome
    • Beers for Peers in Berlin once a month to mingle in real life (after Corona)


        • Continuous professional development
        • Develop the programme together with us while becoming a successful product leader
        • Reasonable pricing for self-payers (one-time fee and voluntary contributions) compared to expensive coaches
        • Make the most of your education budget (or ask for one). Get help to convince your manager.


        Find out how reasonable it is priced!