Convince your manager


You experienced the great value product peers delivers to your career and your work? Why not letting your employer cover the costs of your Prime membership? So you do not have to pay contributions on your own. 

Step 1: Share this page with your manager: Business page

Step 2: Adjust and send this e-mail to your manager: E-mail template


Pricing tailored to you!

We want to turn all product managers into product leaders. No matter what your employer can invest. For early birds we aim for less than 50% of a median education budget per year.

So you can still join conferences, trainings, purchase books or get a coach. If you have no education budget or it is below 1000 EUR per year (median for Berlin PM/PO 2020, own survey), lets talk.

It does not find your budget or you don't have any? Scholarships are available.