How does it work?

Peer Mentoring

  • We are all mentors and mentees at the same time
  • Everyone brings in specific experiences from unique environments
  • Collaboration at eye level
  • 10-20 peers per session with self-organized matching
  • Bring your own topics and/or share experience to help others
  • Collaborate to develop your hands-on action point


  • 1-hour weekly virtual session on a working day
  • During lunch time 12pm Berlin time on Fridays so the office might be less busy
  • Easy to access as they are always remote
  • Facilitated by experienced product managers
  • Intro, working time 1on1 or in small groups with shifting roles and a debrief
  • Berlin product people are international so we speak English
  • Different formats get applied so sessions will be rich in variety

Format example: Open space

12:00 Small intro

12:05 Setting up the virtual tables of peers space

          Peer bring a topic or there are given ones

          Peers chose topic they are interested in (up to 3 peers per break out rooms)

12:10 Peers introduce themselves (1 Min each)

          Share your experiences

          Discuss what you learned and exchange your best practices

          Note down 1 action point or learning each

12:40 Present your action points / learnings to all peers (optional)

12:55 Thank you!

          Perfection Game for feedback 

More Formats

Open world cafes - Open Space -  Lightning decision jams - 1on1 Peer Feedback - Break Out Rooms - Discovery Sessions - User Tests - Brainstorming Sessions - Input from experienced product leaders - Prioritization club - Expectation management - Delegation poker - Focus training - Product pitch mockups - Sales pitch mockups - Interview mockups - Stakeholder management role plays - Product vision definition - Product strategy definition - Self Confidence Training - Present your issue - All agile of course ;)

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