Product Peer Mentoring

Let's shape the future of Product Management together

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What is Product Peers?


Things we talk about

Strengthen self-confidence

I do not know whether I do my job right, I have the skills or whether my value becomes clear?

Prioritize backlogs

I cannot focus and feel stressed all the time. How can I prioritize better?

Manage stakeholders

All these stakeholders are unaligned and have conflicting requests. What can I do?

What your peers say about it

Sören von Sebelin, Head of Product Management

"It happens rarely to meet like-minded people in such a condensed time frame having an exchange on such a high level."


Emilie Lindström, Product Manager

"Product Peers is an excellent place to discuss any issues, thoughts, fears, successes, ideas and get inspired with people that really get it."


Vlad Hempel, Product Owner

"It is a place where you can look into problems at work form a different perspective, without any limitations."


Our peers work for

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How it started

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